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100lica stolica

More than five years since the end of the very successful 'A 100 Chairs' (100lica) project, the chairs return to the scene. The project was designed by the 'A Hundred Chairs Association for Creative Struggle Against Windmills', a group of enthusiasts under the leadership of Boris. The project has outgrown itself and evolved into an art, multimedia and humanitarian movement...

It all started simply: Boris drew his chairs, giving them faces, emotions, life... And they came to life, all 100 of them, and walked through the city with the help of great volunteers, symbolically passing on the message of acceptance of all people, regardless of their nationality, gender, religious or sexual orientation... The 'chair walks' were recorded by camera and immortalized in a five-minute film made by stop animation, a documentary film and a book. The total profit from the book was donated to the Novi Dan Association from Briješće for the construction of their day care centre for children with severe disabilities.

The final exhibition of the first part of the project, involving the creation of a chair, editing, and a film and book production, was held on the 24th of October 2008 at the Archaeological Museum in Osijek. The positive, almost palpable, energy, the big crowd ... the 100lica have shown that this is the way to go ... This was confirmed by the experts as this project received several awards, some of which are: Award Volunteer Center as the best example of good practice of inclusion of volunteers in 2008, Web Top 100 Awards magazine Vidi for the best website in 2009, Golden Bell at the festival of Marketing Communications FESTO in Group Events in 2009...

Peripatetically inclined, the 100lica paid a successful visit to Rovinj's photographic festival 'Photodays 2009', then proceeding to visit Rijeka and their phenomenal Pecha Kucha Night. Between the 4th and the 6th of September 2009, as special guests at the exhibition Trastevere and Arte in Vicenza, they presented their unique and universal artictic form to the Italian audience, generating widespread enthusiasm and excitement.

In September 2010, the 100lica were also part of the exhibition of Croatian design at the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Zagreb.